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How to Clean Laser Focus Lenses


In order to get a premium engraving and cutting result, cleaned optics is needed. When working with acrylic, rubber or MDF, which produce more dust than other process, it is especially important.

So if you want to ensure the high quality of the laser engraving or cutting, focus lenses and mirrors need to get to clean regularly.

You just need to spend 3 minutes to keep the optics clean. Check the lens and mirrors on the machining head per day and side mirrors per month. For example, you can check the lens when you get to work every morning, and inspect the side mirrors on the first day of ever month.

Focus lenses are very important tool for laser cutting and engraving machine. Keep them clean will improve the quality of your design, more important it prevent the lens from breaking. So it help you save money. Let's see what we can do:

Step: clean of the dust with a blower or compressed air
Get some detergent and wipes on hand
Clean lens with cleaning fluid
Place a drop of cleaning fluid on the lens and leave it on for about 2 minutes
Wipe off with a moist cleaning cloth or tissue

You can use the same step to clean your mirrors.

We know these optics are fragile, so when handle with them, we need to be very careful. Do not touch the lens with your finger, because it may create scratching on the surface. You do not want that happening.

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