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1. Advantages Of Dual Head Laser Cutting Machine

SPS1390T/SPS1410T is dual head laser cutting machine. We can change machine like SPS1810SC/SPS1630SC to dual head machine.

  • Two heads work the same time, it means two different work can be done at the same time.
  • Customer can have two different power laser tubes with these two heads, it means machine can cut and engrave at the same time by one set equipment. It saves time and reduces cost.

1. Brass can be cut by Supersoar Laser Cutting Machine?

Many customers want to know if Supersoar fiber laser cutting machine can cut material like brass, the answer is Yes! And Our machine can cut stainless steel and the carbon steel perfectly with amazing contour. There is no need to polish!

2. Can fiber laser machine work on non-metal materials?

There is no doubt that fiber laser machine can mark on metal materials. And Supersoar fiber laser system can also mark on non-metal materials. If you need this type of machine, try SPS200F fiber laser marking machine. It will meet your need.

3. What software your company is using with the laser system?

Adobe illustrator/autocad/coreldraw/ Photoshop, etc. The software can help you with your design. If there is any question, feel free to contact us.

4. Why choose Supersoar Laser system?

There are so many laser system suppliers around the world. So the competition of price is very fierce. Our company has been the manufacturer of laser machine for 12 years. We have great experience in this business. The price of our machine is not the cheapest, but customers always can get the best price. Except price, quality and service are also very important things. And our company can guarantee that. Customers can come to our factory to learn how to operate machine and software. Our technicians will help you solve problems 24/7. SO choose our laser system, it will always be worth.

5. Do you have machine can mark metal?

Yes, customer can use Supersoar metal marking machine to etch stainless steel and other metal materials. The laser beam will start a small chemical reaction with the coating of metal. The process is non-contact, so contour will be perfect.

1. If the Boot but laser cutting machine is not to start

  • Check if the the machine electricity is on
  • Check if put main parameters correctly

What you can do:

  • Check if the electrical wires is ok
  • Set up the parameters refer by software instructions

2. If Working without laser

  • Check if the optical path is skewing
  • OR Line problem

What you can do:

  • Adjust the light path
  • Judgment with plug the rays into the power of the signal terminal

3. The laser on and off at work

  • Check if the water cycle is ok
  • If the supply voltage is stable

What you can do:

  • Clean the water tank and water pump,clear the pipe
  • Add reliable voltage to power supply

4. The online data can’t download

  • If the communication cable is connected
  • if the software USB is installed

What you can do:

  • Shutdown and reconnect the cable
  • Reinstall the software and USB drive

5. Processing size does not consistent with software set

  • Install the software
  • Adjust action

What you can do:

  • Install the original software to recover original parameters
  • Set the working area and trim size calculate by software

The control panel ---no light

  • Line is loose
  • Check whether the connecting line is loose from main board to panel

6. No reaction when machine is turning on

  • Check if power fuse is burnt out
  • Check if power input is normal
  • Check if main power swith is damaged

7. No laser output or laser is weak

  • Check if the light path is at the right place
  • Check if reflective lens is contaminative or damaged
  • Ckeck focus distance
  • Check if focus lens is contaminative
  • Check if cooling water quality or temperature is normal
  • Check the laser tube to see if it is damaged
  • Check if the temperature of machine is too high
  • Check the laser power supply to see if it is damaged

8. Cutting / engraving depth is not correct

  • Check if cutting / engraving parameters are normal
  • Check if the setting of laser power is normal

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