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The Introduction of Laser Cutting


When you think of laser cutting, it is a process that cuts or engraves materials with its high power laser beam. This whole process is directed by CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled from a CAD vector file.

The laser beam comes from a laser tube -- the power source of a laser machine, then it goes into a focal lens in the machine head through some mirrors, because of that,when you want to use a laser machine to cut or engrave something, firstly, you need to adjust these reflecting mirrors to get a better passage for laser beam to pass through. When the machine is working, the laser beam get focused onto a point on the surface of materials, blink of an eye,the material is being vaporized or melted along the cutting line.

One of the reasons more and more use laser machine to design is that the amount of material removed by laser beam is little in comparison to other machine. So it is cost-efficient way to deal with many of materials. And to make the most of your material, we recommend leaving 2mm - 3mm between each piece of your design.

There is a large range of materials that laser machine can cut, from very soft material , like paper, to pretty hard material, like Acrylic. But it cannot cut metal or stone, only can engrave onto them. We want to warn you that it can not deal with Chlorine or something like it, because when laser machine cut or engrave, the material releases deadly gas mixed with water vapor in the air.

Recently, it seems that we more and more count on laser machine of its cutting and engraving ability to help us finish our design, speeding up the process and allowing us more focus on the design itself. There is a saying that if you can design it and the laser can cut it for you, even the most complicated work.

We, SupersoarLaser, have over 10 years experience in manufacturing laser machine, and we can be supplier of laser machine for you. Contact us, start your own business now!!!

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