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SPS1810SC/SPS1610SC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

SPS1810SC/SPS1610SC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
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SPS1810SC/SPS1610SC CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Product Details:
1. working size: 1800mm*1000mm
2. co2 glass laser tube 80W/100W

Product Features:
1. Fast curvilinear cutting function: it can cut via any curve fast continuous cutting, the laser heads moving in beautiful arc just evoke your imagination of top grade racing car.

2. To fully support design software, such as CAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, friendly man-machine interface, live close to the industry needs.

3. Multi-document function: SC series equipment can store as many as 256 working documents, in the case of without the computer, the user can select files in the engraving machine, the mass production of 256 different products.

4. All-optical isolation system with high speed differential input and output circuit design, long distance transmission signal without distortion, strong anti-jamming capability, system has realized the no.12 working state output, state 16-way input, to dock with the user production site easily.

5. Large-format laser cutting incision smooth fine, meet the blanking, machining the whole piece of cloth.

6. Stable light path design, match industrial water-cooled machine, ensure the large-format, cutting the position work surface laser power output is consistent, fast and efficient, stable machining quality.

7. Automatic feeding and discharging, save time, improve work efficiency, it can customize according to customer's demand level.

8. Feeding system adopts special words with mesa, pedrail automatic feeding device, convenient processing objects move freely on the surface of the cutting machine.

9. The machine used in clothing, textiles, leather and other industries. Mainly used for plate, cloth, leather and other non-metal cutting and carving.

Applicable materials:
genuine leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative leather, packaging leather, etc. all kinds of leather, leather materials, pure cotton, real silk, all kinds of chemical fiber, jeans and so on. All kinds of textile materials, or non-woven material.

SPS1810SC/SPS1610SC sample-1

Model SPS1810SC, SPS1610SC
Working Area 1800mm*1000mm, 1600mm*1000mm
Laser Power 80W, 100W, 130W
Laser Type Sealed CO2 Laser Tube
Working table Auto Feeding Conveyor
Cooling System Water Cooling and Protection System
Engraving Speed 0-800mm/s
Cutting Speed 0-600mm/s
Resetting Position Accuracy ±0.05mm
Minimum Shaping Character English1×1mm
Graphic Format Supported BMP, HPGL, PLT, DST, AI
Controlling Software DSP Control System
Compatible Software Coral Draw, Auto CAD, PS
Driving System Stepper
Whole Machine Size 2380*2060*1100mm
Whole Weight 570kg
Working Voltage AC 110-220V±10%, 50-60Hz
Operating temperature 0-45°C
Operating Humidity 5-95%
Note Double-Head, Auto Feeding Working Table

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