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SPS200Y YAG Laser Marking Machine

SPS200Y YAG Laser Marking Machine
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SPS200Y YAG Laser Marking Machine

Product Details:
1. 110mm*110mm(optional 100*100/150*150)
2. laser power:50W/60W
3. cooling type:internal circulating water cooling

Product features:
1. SPS200Y series of semiconductor laser marking machine can easily realize precision marking, mark all kinds of materials and a variety of non-metallic materials.

2. Using the international most advanced imported encapsulating semiconductor array, and equipped with high-speed galvanometer, Q swith and laser rod, high scanning speed and high precision.

3. Independent control cold water circulation system,low noise, accurate precision temperature control, the whole machine performance is stable, can entirely suitable for the needs of the industrial site 24 hours of continuous work.

4. Optical system adopts fully sealed structure, with the functions of graphical preview and focus indicator, making accurate processing to avoid waste.

5. Feature-rich software design,adopts a flexible and fast menu-style friendly work interface, simple operation, easy to use, support Windows 7/XP/2000 system, supports for multiple language interface. Free to design the required processing graphic pattern. Supports TureType fonts, single font(JSF), bitmap fonts(DMF), Y one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code.

6. Compatible with common image formats(BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA,PNG TIF, etc.), compatible with commonly used vector graphics(AI,DXF,DST,PLT, etc.); The commonly used image processing functions(gray level transformation, black and white figure transformation, network processing, etc.), can be a level 256 grayscale image processing.

7. A variety of control object, the user can freely control system interaction with external devices.

Applicable industry:
electronic components, integrated circuits(IC), electrical engineering and electric apparatus, mobile communications, hardware products,tools accessories, precision instruments, glasses and watches, jewelry and accessories, auto parts, plastic keypad, building materials, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries.

Applicable materials:
gold & silver, stainless steel, ceram, plactic, glass, stone, leather.

SPS200Y sample-1SPS200Y sample-2

SPS200Y sample-3SPS200Y sample-4

Model SPS200Y
Laser Tube YAG Laser Tube
Laser Power 50W/60W
Laser Wavelength 10.64μm
Repetition Frequency ≤50kHz
Working Area 110×110mm
Engraving Depth 0.3mm(adjustable)
Engraving Line Speed ≤7000mm/s
Minimum Width 0.02mm
Minimum Character 0.25mm
Repetition Accuracy ±0.001mm
Total Power ≤2.5KW
Voltage 220V/50Hz/15A
Cooling Mode Internal Circulating Water Cooling

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