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SPS40B Mini CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

SPS40B Mini CO2 Laser Engraving Machine
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SPS40B Mini CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Product Details:
1. working size: 200mm*300mm
2. laser power: 40W
3. working table: honeycomb or fixture

Product Features:
1. With the advanced positioning system, you can easily finish one stamp engraving.

2. Reasonable mechanical design which is faster and durable.

3. High-quality FBT, the service life of the laser tube will last much longer.

4. Excellent static resistance of laser power supply make it possible to work under each conditions.

5. Data output is much more steady due to high-performance mainboard with anti-interference.

6. Compatibility of the software is very strong, so it’s able to save tens of thousands images and texts.

1. This product applies to engraving non-metal material stamps, such as ox horn stamps, wood, red plastic, organic glass, crystal, jade, etc.

2. Small area artware processing. Engraving on double-color sheets, wood planks, bamboo chips, organic glass slide and cloth with each type of life-like images and texts.

3. SPS40B samll laser engraving cutting machine is able to engrave on electronic component with name, model, identification, images, etc. This machine can use for a long time.

SPS40B sample-1

SPS40B sample-2

Model SPS40B Mini
Working Area 200mm*300mm
Laser Power 40W
Laser Type Sealed CO2 Laser Tube
Working Platform Honeycomb or Fixture
Working Speed 0-300mm/min
Resolution Accuracy 0.0125mm
Graphic Format Support BMP, PLT
Working Voltage 110V/AC-220V/AC,50~60Hz
Total Power 200W
Whole Machine Size 900x600x350(mm)
Weight 35KG

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