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SPS600C CO2 Laser Marking Machine

SPS600C CO2 Laser Marking Machine
SPS600C CO2 Laser Marking Machine-1SPS600C CO2 Laser Marking Machine-2SPS600C CO2 Laser Marking Machine-3

SPS600C CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Product Details:
1. working area: 600mm*600mm
2. laser type: imported radio-frequency tube
3. laser power: 60W/100W/150W/200W
4. working platform: honeycomb or B type mesh belt conveyor

Product Features:
1. Totally enclosed laser optical system with free maintenance, no need to adjust, install and play.

2. Imported RF from USA, light spot of good quality, stable power, long life.

3. High speed with galvanometer scanning system has some unique characteristics, such as compact structure, solid dustproof, easy accurate installation, strong interference ability and so on.

4. The design takes the heat dissipation of motor and driver of galvanometer into consideration, to ensure the stability of the system under a long-term work condition.

5. Water-cooling and protection system and enclosed light path to ensure the stability of working, extending the time of using.

6. Control card with PCI bus interface, support the pedal switch.

7. Powerful graphics rendering and editing function, can directly mark on color images, can also mark after grayscale conversion.

8. The head of galvanometer with electric lift, adjustable focal length, can be convenient for customers to carve different thicknesses of the materials.

Applicable industry:
Hollowing out and carving on soft materials such as garment, advertising, craft, carpet, paper and so on.

Applicable materials:
Non-metal materials such as leather, clothing, rubber, board, bamboo, plexiglass, ceramic, plastic, marble, bowlder and crystal and so on.

SPS600C sample-1

SPS600C sample-2

Model SPS600C
Working Area 600mm*600mm
Laser Tube and Power RF60W, 100W(option 150W.200W)
Laser Tube Type Imported RF Laser Tube
Working Table Honeycomb or Z Mode Net
Working Speed ≤7000mm/s
Feeding Two-Way Feeding
Feeding Height 30mm
Position Accuracy ±0.01mm
Compatible Format JPG, DXF, AI, PLT etc
Software JCZ Marking Software
Cooling Mode Water Cooling and Protect System
Working Voltage AC220±10%, 50~60Hz, 10Amax
Operation Temperature 0~45℃
Operation Humidity 5%~95%
Lens China Specialized Lens
Dimension 2800x1820x2000(mm)
Machine Power ≤2KW
Net Weight 420-500KG
Eject Smoke Up and Down Eject Smoke
Option Auto-Feeding Table, Imported Lens

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